Ad Design

Here to help you get your brand messaging in front of our audience.

Ad Design / Production:

Advertising design is included in the price of space booked. Our graphics designers will create effective marketing artwork that best communicates your message. Clients are welcome to submit digital files that are compatible with our workflow powered by Adobe systems.

The Observer supports all file types using the current Adobe software products to ensure quality and maintain compatibility with client files.

  • Newspaper printed at 100 line screen
  • Halftone images: 200 resolution .tif, .png, .jpg
  • Lineart images: 600 dpi .tif, .png .jpg
  • Please prepare images accounting for a 30% dot gain when printing on newsprint. Adjusting images slightly lighter than expected will produce more optimal results.
  • Low-resolution web images or poor-quality images will be replaced with a suitable graphic. We want your ad to look at its best so it will perform at its best!
  • There should be no colour elements in black and white advertising.

Column Widths:

Main Sections | 6 Columns

  • 1 Col: 1.57″w
  • 2 Col: 3.3″w
  • 3 Col: 5.0375″w
  • 4 Col: 6.78″w
  • 5 Col: 8.5″w
  • 6 Col: 10.25″w

Classified Section | 8 Columns

  • 1 Col: 1.176″w
  • 2 Col: 2.472″w
  • 3 Col: 3.769″w
  • 4 Col: 5.065″w
  • 5 Col: 6.361″w
  • 6 Col: 7.656″w
  • 7 Col: 8.953″w
  • 8 Col: 10.25″w

Send Large Files:

Files up to 10GB can be uploaded quickly and delivered directly to The Observer production department.

Display Ad Templates:

Sixteenth2 col: 3.3”w X 2.4”hPDFAIID
Eighth2 col: 3.3”w X 5”h 
3 col: 5.0375”w X 3.3”h 
4 col: 6.78”w X 2.4”h
Banner6 col: 10.25”w X 2.25”hPDFAIID
Quarter2 col: 3.3”w X 10.25”h
3 col: 5.0375”w X 6.8”h
4 col: 6.78”w X 5”h
6 col: 10.25”w X 3.3”h
Third2 col: 3.3”w X 13.75”h 
3 col: 5.0375”w X 9.15”h 
4 col: 6.78”w X 6.8”h 
6 col: 10.25”w X 4.4”h
Half3 col: 5.0375”w X 13.75”h
4 col: 6.78”w X 10.3”h
6 col: 10.25”w X 6.8”h
Two-Third4 col: 6.78”w X 13.75”h
6 col: 10.25”w X 9.15”h
Full Page6 col: 10.25”w X 13.75”hPDFAIID
Masthead6 col: 10.25″w X 1.25″hPDFAIID
Technical assistance during regular office hours is only a phone call or email away. Contact your sales representative with any issues you may be having for prompt, helpful support.

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