Delivery Complaints

Please call 519-669-5790 or fill out the form and our circulation team will investigate the concern.

If The Observer is NOT included with a flyer package, it was NOT delivered by us. Please contact the individual stores to raise your complaint. Observer staff will not respond to your complaint.

Please read the Q&A below.


Q: I didn't subscribe. Who said you can deliver your newspaper to my house?

A: As a Canadian newspaper, we have a special privilege and responsibility to inform citizens across our community. Under Canada Post's publication mail class, newspapers are classified similarly to government documents which must be delivered to all addresses, even if a stop delivery request was made in the past.

This allows us to fulfill our role of providing news and information to all homes in our area. Being an informed citizen is an important part of participating in our democracy. Access to news should not be limited by ability to pay.

As an independent local newspaper, our free delivery is not costing you anything. We aim to serve the public good by keeping all individuals informed about events and issues in our community. If you do not wish to read the newspaper, you can simply recycle it. But we hope you will take a moment to appreciate a free, fair and accessible press that is vital for our democratic society.

Canada Post - Do Not Deliver Notice

You may recieve a notice from Canada Post that looks like this if you request a stop delivery of unaddressed admail. Please note, that community newspapers are exempt and you will continue to receive the newspaper. 

At Canada Post Corporation, we will respect your wish not to receive Unaddressed Admail.

This means we will no longer deliver free samples, coupons, flyers and circulars, government mailings, free distribution magazines, catalogues, non-profit and event information. Also we will no longer deliver municipal service notices (ie schedule of snow removal, changes in garbage pick-up, announcements of town hall meetings). However Canada Post is only one of many distributors of unaddressed materials: you may continue to receive these materials from other distributors.

⚠️The only unaddressed materials that Canada Post will continue to deliver are House of Commons mailings, community newspapers, Elections Canada mailings, provincial chief electoral officers' mailings and municipal electoral mailings.

If you receive delivery via our postal boxes, community mailboxes or group mailboxes (green boxes), your notice must be affixed to the inside of the mail receptacle door. Notices placed on the front of these boxes will not be honoured and will be removed as part of our regular maintenance.

We will resume delivery of Unaddressed Admail at any time if you remove the notice from your mailbox. For additional information, please call a Customer Service representative at 1-800-267-1177.

Q: Why am I getting the Observer even though I requested a stop delivery in the past?

A: The bankruptcy and closure of Metroland Media community newspapers on September 15, 2023 created a distribution black hole in Woolwich and Wellesely townships. The Observer has begun to rebuild this distribution network from scratch and may be delivering to homes that previously requested to stop flyer deliveries.

The Observer is not affiliated with Metroland Media, The Record, or any past publishers so do not have access to previous requests. We are a locally owned and operated since 1996.

If you wish to stop receiving The Observer, please fill out the form above and we will gladly remove your address from our deliveries. Thank you for understanding and patience as we rebuild community news and information delivery in our area.

Q: Why do my neighbours get the Observer, and I don't.

Sorry to hear you aren't receiving The Observer when your neighbours do. There are a few common reasons this can happen:

  • The previous homeowner may have requested to stop delivery before you moved in. No worries, just fill out the delivery form and we'll get it started back up.
  • With corner lots or houses on the edge of carrier routes, there can be some overlap that leads to confusion on which houses get which paper. It's an easy mix-up to fix!
  • If there's a new carrier learning the route, they may have accidentally skipped your house. Happens to the best of us while getting the lay of the land.
  • Or sometimes homes just outside the core settlement area get missed on delivery lists.

Not to worry, we are happy to look into what's going on and get your Observer to your doorstep. Just fill out the delivery request form with your address, and our team will investigate and get back to you within a couple days. Appreciate your patience as we get this sorted, and thank you for reading!

Q: Are newspapers environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, newspapers can be a sustainable and eco-friendly news source when recycled properly. The average newspaper is recycled within 6 weeks, meaning the materials are rapidly renewed and made into new products. This is much faster than other materials like plastic or glass.

Newspapers are also printed on paper sourced from responsibly managed forests. The paper and ink used are fully biodegradable and contain no toxic chemicals. At the end of their lifecycle, newspapers produce no methane or harmful byproducts when decomposing.

Comparatively, the large electricity demands and e-waste created by digital storage farms and devices have a greater environmental impact. Reading news online for just one hour a day generates about 135kg of CO2 per year.

As a newspaper, we do our best to provide a sustainable product and service in our community. We source paper responsibly, reduce waste, and encourage readers to recycle newspapers properly. Choosing print news over digital can be an eco-friendly choice.

Q: Should I be friendly and respectful with Observer staff when requesting a stop delivery?

A: Yes, we always recommend being friendly and respectful when interacting with our staff. We understand some readers may be frustrated by receiving a newspaper they did not expressly subscribe to. However, our carrier contractors are simply trying to do their jobs and provide an important public service.

Our staff is ready to help any reader who wishes to stop delivery. We aim to make the process simple and convenient -- fill out the form above. There is no need for hostility or disrespect. A polite request is all that is needed for us to remove your address from our distribution list.

Treating others with kindness, even in difficult situations, goes a long way. Our staff are members of this community too, and deserve respect. We know addressing delivery issues can be sensitive, and we are here to listen and help. Please reach out to us politely so we can resolve any problems in a cooperative manner. Civility benefits everyone.

Q: Where can I pick up an Observer?

Visit our Coverage page for a list of drop box locations where you can pick up an Observer.

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