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Newspapers are the original social media. Follow and interact with us online.

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Printed newspapers remain an essential part of our society and are, in fact, the original social media. Long before the Internet, people gathered in coffee shops to discuss the news of the day as reported by the local newspapers. People still do that.

People don't even often get beyond a scintilizing headline posted online and what kind of depth of the situation are you learning from 280 characters?

Newspapers are more accessible, environmentally friendly, and news is actually curated by people in-the-know who care about the community. Newspaper algorithms have always been guided by "public trust" and "public interest." Juxtapose the self-interest of global enterprises maximizing eyeballs, stealing your data and infringing on your privacy for profit.

Local businesses that you can trust, advertise in newspapers. This is because newspapers are still the most trusted medium in the community.

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We also understand the need for a strong social media presence and have accounts on all the major platforms allowing readers to engage and share stories across their own networks.

We're committed to making local news accessible to everyone, regardless of how they choose to consume it.

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