Harris should support groundwater protections

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Last updated on Sep 12, 23

Posted on Sep 12, 23

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To the Editor,

As an MPP representing residents of Waterloo Region, Mike Harris Jr. should be diligent and firm in making the region’s case to Minister Calandra in his review of Ontario’s development lands.

With Waterloo’s expanding population and its reliance on groundwater for the majority of its municipal water supplies, the region is in the unique position of needing its green space to ensure future drinking water.

By ignoring Waterloo Region’s well developed planning process, Messrs. Ford and Clark have set a precedent that endangers the region’s ability to provide potable water to its residents. Should the region run out of groundwater, the only options would be to halt growth completely or build a multibillion-dollar Lake Erie pipeline.

Mr. Harris’s constituents would like him to state publicly that he will work diligently within the PC caucus to maintain Waterloo Region’s control over its groundwater and green-space planning.

Paul Marrow

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