Herrgott Road upgrades to get underway this month

Last updated on Sep 07, 23

Posted on Sep 07, 23

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Waterloo Region is planning upgrades to Herrgott Road starting this month. The plans are to repave the road between Sunset Drive in St. Clements and Ament Line, to add wider paved shoulders for cycling and buggy use.

The work will start this month and is scheduled to be completed in June 2024, says Eric Saunderson, a senior engineer with the Region of Waterloo.

“The existing pavement is in need of repair and the region is planning to recycle the existing roadway and place new asphalt,” he said.

Saunderson says the contractor will maintain two-way traffic throughout, though some traffic delays will be expected.

The work over the 3.1 kilometres of road will take place in two phases. The first stage will include road paving in 2023 from Sunset Drive to Boomer Line. The second stage will take place in 2024 and will include from Boomer Line to Ament Line.

The work will include recycling and rehabilitation of the existing asphalt roadway, hot mix asphalt roadway and driveway apron paving, topsoil excavation and regrading sloped embankments, subdrain installation and isolated storm sewer culvert extensions, sod restoration and replacement of guiderail systems, he said.

The shoulders will be 2.4 metres wide, and they will be cleared in the winter. Saunderson says this will be how wide regional staff will pave shoulders with high horse-drawn buggy traffic going forward.

Such work is part of the region’s transportation capital program, which lays out road rehabilitation projects ten years at a time.

“For each project, all infrastructure is evaluated during the design phase, including any needs to improve or include cycling and/or shoulder paving. The 2024 version of the transportation capital program is currently being finalized and will be available once approved by regional council later this fall,” said Saunderson.

Other minor asphalt repaving projects took place throughout Wellesley Township this summer, and were completed at the end of last month, says Steve Yonemitsu, a project manager with the region.

The shoulders will be paved as part of the project. [Leah Gerber]
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