Manitoba landfill should be made a monument

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Last updated on Jul 18, 23

Posted on Jul 18, 23

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To the Editor,

The suggestion that a Manitoba landfill be scoured for the remains of murder victims is unacceptable for many reasons. Here is a better alternative: Close the landfill, forever!

Build a monument on the site in the style of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. or the Titanic Memorial in Newfoundland.

Etch the name of every single victim on that monument.

Include a healing centre where victims can go to seek refuge from abuse and to obtain support in their life journey. Ensure that elders and appropriate staff are available 24/7.

The Commission on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls documented the stories, but it did not adequately address the root causes for those tragic stories.

Let the focus of the centre be a dedication to remembering the victims and their stories, forever.

Make it a powerful and positive tool for addressing the root causes of the abuse.

Richard Clausi

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