WCS seeking donations for annual backpack program

Last updated on Jul 20, 23

Posted on Jul 20, 23

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The thought of heading back to school hasn’t crossed kids’ minds at this point, but that time is definitely a thing for Woolwich Community Services. The agency has launched its backpack program for students in the township who will be in need of school supplies come September.

Registration for families receiving items runs from August 1 to 18.

Coordinator Tina Reed notes that just how many students will need support remains unknown, it is likely to be higher than last year when around 125 individuals received supplies.

“We have no idea how many are going to come. We always base it off the year before and go by those numbers because I don’t think it’s ever been less. It’s been a few more children,” Reed said.

While Reed said it is challenging to plan for their programs not knowing how many people will need support, no child will go without.

“If we run out, we go and buy it – people in our agency will make sure the kids get what they need.”

This year WCS is looking to receive donations in the form of both financial support and the school supplies themselves. Items on what the organization calls its “priority list,” include: backpacks for high school students, tissue boxes, lunch bags, water bottles, calculators, math sets, safety scissors and pencil cases.

Not many people realize how expensive backpacks can be especially for families with more than one child to shop for, Reed noted.

“Backpacks are definitely a big cost for families making sure their kids all have backpacks that are strong enough to hold everything they need to take to school, and hopefully last a few years as well,” she said.

The program allows parents to save money and not stress at the start of the school year, while it allows kids to just focus on school and not worry about whether or not they have everything they need, Reed said.

“Once they’ve been here, they can then go and purchase other items that they think they might need. We get the basics for them. For the students, I think then they’re not missing anything. They’re not having to ask someone else to borrow pens or an eraser or calculator. They will have their own.”

Those who are able to donate are asked to deliver the supplies to WCS by August 14. Families requesting items can set things in motion by phoning 519-669-5139.

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